(elluminati) environment ::: البيئه ::: Omgewing ::: 环境 :: add more translations here
(illuminati) intelligence ::: الاستخبارات Intelligensie ::: add more translations here 情报

Territory, North America
Michael Marley
Illuminati, Elluminati (IE)
Intelligence, Environment

Chapter Overview

The development of Illuminati began in the early decade of 2000. The group resulted with 320 members. In 2015, the development of Elluminati began. The territory is the first territory on planet earth to hold both seats. The logo is presented, and the ring is worn. My name is michael, elluminous rank of elluminati; indicating knoweldge to teach is sought and attained. The arkist is displayed, and protection of our ark of life is equated to the churches of earth protecting their ark and arch of life. Elluminati is not a church or a cult, it is a form of governance with derived direction that is of I and E, and that is learned. Elluminti, our ark and arch of life is planet earth, and with so many added variables not mentioned. The natural rule stated, is that natural RULE of environment and life, (EL.) You can read about the natural rule at theoryofrelativity.net.

Elluminati Charter and OATH Affiliations and Early development for the chapter (peronsal contributions, learning elluminous and illuminous approach to interpreting rule and action regarding problem a, b, c. This chapter has two perspectives of the "seat next to god," interpreting the rule of earth and the heavens relative to the actions of mankind or extra terretrials. (theoryofrelativity.net, interpereting the natural rule for management."
  • Garden Planet Defense (GOD) Garden Planet Defense.
  • Adminstration of GoA (GOA) (Position is changing, anark reference is outlet for certain projects or other designation. government of an arch.com and government ofarch.net has two perspectives in development. The anark.net directory is being modified, and as progress is made, the argument for inclusion or presentation, once enough information is collected and is organized to be viable or sustainable, it is relocated to the domain. (keep in mind, an is not a deconstructive reference, is is a position of perspective reltative to a point, by interpretation; where some perspectives of action regarding self or observation, might occasionally appear to be deconstructive, or destructive. Most perspective of a 3D point are not deconstructive, and might have an opinion.
  • The Elluminati organization is a non religious or sect based organiization. We are the study of government and that application of, according to our individual arguements for management. A member of this chapter can hold any belief or church affilaition; where accepted after aspired. Our actions are guided, like those men whom are guided by the works of holy or profane origin, with a study of intelligence and envirnment as it applies to governance and responsibility for mankind to our planet..
  • Elluminous GoA (new perspective is recently interpreted, this area needs to be clarified where certain chapter projects should be accepted, and indicated near the constructionist or preservation perspectives. Where projects are new, or certainly refused and challenged, they should remain considerations for the deconstructive perspective, or not built.
  • Elluminous Arkist (perspectives in progress: arkist.elluminati.net)
  • Elluminous Archist (perspectives in progress: archist.elluminati.net)
  • Elluminous Catholic (perspectives in progress: catholic.elluminati.net)
  • The Science of the Natural RULE
  • OATH or RULE
  • Interface
  • Indicated as Development Proceeds.
Elluminati and the Ark Beliefs
  • The Acquistion of land by elluminati is to remain virgin or protected lands; or otherwise managed and maintained for the preservation or protection of natural resources, environment, ecosystems, and wildlife. The natural RULE is interpreted, and there are no prohibitions for particpation with the organization by Native Americans or naturalized citizens of this region and chapter coverage.
  • The elluminati is complex organization; ths page is shown as a single perspective; aggregate particpation for interpretation will someday be achieved.
  • The natural RULE is always there. The devlopment of RULE to protect the Natural RULE, among the activity of men, is neccessary, and where men are developing technology that is qualified part of an observation affecting the natural rule, animl flocks, environetns, or ecosystems, and more. It is because men ate fom the fruit of knowledge, that we must manage innovative activity accordingly, andf where specifcially their is measurable affect on the environment or people the result of electrcal use, and to protect our planet and environment. Not all RULE is deadly, and the devlopment of RULE technicians, helps us to discern what is criminal activity or legal relative to measureable natural rule condition, and what is, or is not, a concern for the territory or natural rule.
Governance and Study
  • Governance practical and learning is being indicated.
  • Real world application and study; Applied studies during discovery process.
Development Membership
  • Entry level. Not Precious Metal or Unique. Both governments are depicted on two rings. I am founder of chapter.
  • To donate to elluminati or to earn membership, land is willed to the natural rule, elluminati, or in the name of a diety, spirit, or god. When other men move to tear down that land, their arguement is with the belief that is protecting it. When the land is designated for elluminous management, a member ensures that land remains natural and the flocks are healthy, and a plaque is placed for the persons acquiring that land on behalf of a local diety or god, or; and it is protected as a piece of the ark of life, including the history of the land, and arch (of construction) of life. When land is given to the organization, it is will that it always remain natural land, the natural RULE. There are no exceptions; less repopulating the flock or enriching the ecosystems considered natural improvements or required maintenance; typical natural resource management practices are provided and the land could be designated as private a park system. A person can also join the chapter without donation, managing their ow perspective for natural land, as part of their membership and bargaining power within the chapter or local governments in one nation or another.
  • I and E. Knowledge of Intelligence and Environment, earn entry level into the organization, and achievemnents on behlaf of goals or objectives earns a reputation among other equal persons.
  • You must contact an existing member.
  • This is the first elluminati chapter on planet earth including both chapter types. I am also indicating the Natural RULE at theory of relativity.net and have given seminars on the topic.
  • I have been developing since the 1990s, and as i gorw into other topics, person seeking membership are welcome to do their research regarding innovation or aspirations. If you are any of 320 members from the 2004,2006 Illuminati group I built, contact me for learning about the perspectives of this chapters seat. (The offline group.)
  • .
Seat, Chair innovation The Oath
  • Teaching the OATH of Natural RULE; taking the oath of the natural rule, the light at the skin and the radio near the skin, discerned intellgiently with tools in one place or another, is takjen to the natural environment by raising the hand to the light and radio contiuums, knowing it does not tell a lie. The oath is to \serve the environment in the area, whether it is a court room, a kingdom, a governace of office, or to the protecxt the trees in the area, the light from the walls or rooms of each touching the hand, establishes the oath taken. standing the woods, the oath of natural trees and environment is the light that touches the hand in one place or another of the jungle, like the light from the walls of a governance building might touch the hand during a ceremony or court and government proceeding. the trees and wildlands, are the oath i selected, in one place or another.
  • The Path of scientific RULE; when the measure of rule is established as a natural energy measurement over some period of time in days and years; the work of scientist or engineering, can also be stated to be with deviation of natural measurement, such that...; the oath of scientific rule, is measure that can be argued in court, relative to the actions of mankind. where, prior to this advice among scientists, the penalty according to measure was not know.
  • the OATH of the RULE; an oath most people are held to their lives. Taking the oath of the rule, to the continuum of radio or light spectrum, you recognize that from your flesh always, without disguise, we see your actions recorded into the universe. that if required to testify, the arguement is relative to what god would know about me. meaning, if i sit 1000 light years from earth, i see the earth 1000 years in the past, according to the history of their people and other things. These person live the oath, meaning, they recognize the planet and universe is always watching us. That their fight to protect the planet was observed by god and universe, and perhaps by other things. (if the planet is threatened entirely, know that for millions of years, like those stars we see at distance in space, the universe knows the fight of mankind and our allies, preserving this planet from the sciences of x, y, z. Even today, the biggest threat agsint mankind when abused, is the fruit of that which is indicated as warnings among most beliefs. Mankind ate one fruit from the garden of the gods... one fruit, always bearing in the minds of mankind. Here, the rule is shown, such that it is not god that kills creation, but their own ignorance of the rule, a measure of energy and tolerance or reaction of flesh and life. Among intellgient peoples, this fight not ever go away.
Telling the RULE to Self governments perhaps someday aspiring more. (See classrooms or seminars at theoryofrelativity.net, ask for other recordings that are original, or occasionally tampered with.) The governace presented varies from others, and with it an interpretation of rule according to certain actions. Where the collections of nations alleges some RULE of their own imagining, the rule presented is interpreted at perspective. However, the rule is written by the planet environments, the sun, moon, and stars, among all the things in the universe, that we can see with radio and light acrossan observation of a uline. The rule is interpretted, and someday binterpertations might be argued, relative to the same measurement and action. I am teaching to govern action according to such measurement, and where precisely stated, the natural rule is as old as earth, relative to earth. The oath is taken to the woods or whatever natural environment is, and the rule is interpeted for the protection of the areas. (no elecronic weapons permitted, is an example.)
  • Ormond Beach, FL
  • Palestine
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Volsuia County
  • State of Florida
If looking in a telescope, i have already issued the challenge to others on earth; with your best cleric, or perhaps best scientist, prove to me perhaps with what you see at some distance, of a galaxy or star in your skies, where i do not rule each of them. Show me a place on earth where i do not feed the plants or life on earth... The rule sustains everything, from photo synthesis of plants and waters of earth, to other processes. I have issued the oath to mankind, that they know the difference, before they complete this action against god, and have recently during events, determined to build an arch of rule on gods hill. The arch (meaning of construction from etymologic record) is built in a wooded area, observing the radio or light that touches the arch. Meaning, the Arch of Natural Rule is shown, and the scientific achievement of learning to govern it by manaing energy problems, and indicating how intret my own actions according to such knowledge. The rule is the natural radio and light environment including other measure, shown to be able to make life, or sustain it over very long periods of time. the arguement of the rule, is perhaps an energy weapon affecting the area where natural measure is known, adding to such natural measure a danger; where i learn to govern a new problem among the nations. The county delivered letter in writing, michael is god (thats me.) So i build the arch of natural rule, honoring that creation of trees and animals in certain places. The arch indicates the natural rule that is radio or light shining or reflescted onto it and when illuminted of the area by sun, moon, or stars, are the nearby spirtis, animals, and kingdoms of wildlife seen occasionally on a mirror.

The issues brought to gods hill include a collection of problems, where noting the progression of technology, we find danger for the planet, perhaps involving garden planet defense. (GOD logo can be found at administration.governmentofarch.net, and adminstration.governmentofanarch.com. I am currently managing the observation of RULE among nations for presentation at gods hill, indicating that the continental Governments of america, the government of africa, the government of asia, the governemtn of australia, the government of arabia, and the government of the arctics, are my perspective for the GOA seat that is developed, and where my work personel or other, contributes to the construction of the managing perspective. where the problme of arch catholic or arch christian, involves some modifier for belief interpeting origin for mankind in various ways, having the arguement of god is the oldest living thing on planet earth or other (the environments of earth continuously have been alove for more than several billion years. the statement of god, or whom i pray to, is environment and life, i am him, the rule of earth and garden, for i feed everything, i inspire the men, and protect the planet with the able. i intend to deliver stating, these things we dont want or do want. I should proceed, among each of the things ive brought to gods hill, at the base is the temple of shadows, of which i have established two to work with. When the men finsih interpeting the natural rule among churches, to the rule of other men using radio or light to influence their actions, they will find, i protect them always with the intellgience to protect environment from the actions of other men and military, or even defend themselves. they find health again, when they find me again, in a natural place. The garden of eden on earth (garden planet, means to look at earth from space, then at pictures in telescopes for other places... where else has the rule been so successful for species and creatioon. The importance of our works to protect the planet or serve the planet without selfishness for whom created the rule, is always present when it can be measured. never ceases.

I have taught already after making the oath of rule, when taught to perform the action of accepting oath is meant by make), how to be eyes for the woods or the lands. When you are walking the lands in the area after your oath, see the wildlife and lands around you with bare eyes, and see the same as your eyes through the wind on your skin. You become more eyes of the woods. Do not try to see more. Just keep walking, processes take time to work.

Entrusted the RULE of mankind by the first contributing seats of elluminous to the construction of the GoA, it means, the light from each their skin or activity, and of the GoA and our assemblies, we are learning to work in various ways, to interpet how to manage according to planet and other reasonsing. The measure is argueable by many, and interetation of action ro reasoning, can be argued among men in court.

Noted here, the emblems for the NWO, or new world order indicate an unnatural shine from earth. The rule aregues the pearl model their world government has already created. Learning the rule, we manage influencing the leadership of nations. This is called the GoA, and the management we argue for RULE, is not written by any man, and is studied by this man for how to lead according to it, among the technology or other problmes of conflcit in millenias to come among men on earth.

For those of the chapter, ive established a perspective model for government of anarch, and government of arch (the government of construction) construction or deconstruction, relative to the environment we live in or homes, or, here it is natural interpretation for governing the self or oragnization, where listed at the primary site indicated as directory, i have not detemined what is not to be built, and what is to be built. anarch or arch; the governace of each relative to what position.

The arguement was introduced by government of arch, which will contain the same perspective as anarch to be interpreted and then developed farther, across questions of funded or not, clean up or not, and then better logic models are to be introduced. However, the statement of AN is at perspective to (light plane might see the ground, or man walking; prolme is i cant use it in sentence to make the same statement, so AN is argued across history of education discerning the presentation, and thus constructive or deconstructive considerations or introduced.) The constructive or deconstructive nature of an anaimla, is knonw typical but limited when written. The arguement relative to earth is or is not, is not made ligitimate as an option. The construction of mankind is what is evaluated instead or that of intergalactic species.

Another concern for development are the managed portfolio of topics and other works, at anark.net. the second persepctive added by GoA permits construction of some topics, the elluminati is one of those additions, and the personal belief is questional as presented in that location on this day. The organization teaches more than preservation of planet earth during interstekllar event observation or anomalous solar observations. The importance here, earth the closest rule to me, then moon and sun and of course among these is other planets and masses not indicated. I am interpreting the RULE at various perspectives to discern if measurement can effectively protect the planet from a problem; and where teaching others, i develop the RULE sciences.

Process, Methods, and other Sole data is Copyright 2019, 2020+ Elluminati (FNO Chapter, First Name Order) and Active Membership Michael Joseph Marley. Information here is subject to change as agreed, and to provide more accurate information that is regularly Ammended and updated or removed, and might be done routinely without warning to vistors of this site and by membership or volunteer workers. Elluminati.net is selected for the network reference. Ownership of land assets by elluminati, even where the paperwork agreements among men are used to protect that land and inhabitant animal kingdoms as agreed, by refusing development by other men, or encroachemnt by developers. These documents might indicate one diety or another as believed by the men or woman who participate with purchase on behlaf of or might be designated owned by the inhabitants (trees, ecosystems, bugs or animal life) and agrrement that the elluminati ensure this purpose like some government do state parks. These paperwork agreements do not, and should not, change or alter the land, or diety structure, or assign that some foreign diety or divine here or there is empowered to manage land, that in some way is not in accordance with the dieties who have resided their of unkown periods of time. The land is ultimately assigned by our chapter, and others, or willed, and protected of the Natural RULE, environment and life, including the land, trees, and wildlife on that land who own it, and with some reference among so many beliefs. Monetary contributions are used specifcially like endowment for workers, perhaps rmeoving litter from roadways or providing other services where the town or county is unable to do so. Problems like pesticides, encroachment, or challneging these broad issues of preservation as part of agreement americans made 200 years ago for preservation of the natural rule, and declaration of a natural nation, are issues the chapter activity might work to solve, and with a known service on behalf of the interpreted natural rule, there personal or group belief structure for divine occupants of a piece of land, and oaths here and there among lands and territories of earth where we reside. This process indicates a belief that the properties are managed and held as improved natural, virgin natural, restored, or otherwise deisgnated, and where the direction for managing the wildlands is requirement, the bargaining power is achieved among governments by our membership as land owners with a known direction for proper management of lands and parks, finds agreement with other parties in the southern territory where this chapter is being built, including state and county park systems, environmentalists, the native americans, arkists, members, spirits, and more. Where land acquired by our organization is used for other purposes as donated, like it is a house, or arch natural territory, like park systems) other members are required to refuse the destruction of natural resources, not the donated house to be returned to natural conditions of land. Even where one or more members might allege a right to do so, to cut down the trees or affect the wildlife, our error even where agreement is all the chapter members, considers favor from the dieties is protection of environment and life, and intellgience finds another way, a propeity garrement given more than mankind. This attempt to reduce the land of the natural kingdoms, and to build a house, can be intervened by persons outside the chapter also where and is held with agreement to protect the arch of life, merely by asserting that contest with an arguement of belief or law. Members can seek more agreement to back a position, or not. Supporting work can be understood better by visting a partial portfolio Directory